Content Review Process

Review Process for Website Content and Educational Materials works tirelessly to provide healthcare professionals with the latest immunization information and to create accurate and reliable educational materials for their patients and staff.’s websites— and—are maintained by staff. As important content (e.g., recommendations from the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices) becomes available, website materials are reviewed and updated.’s staff of immunization experts develop content for educational materials. Expert guest authors also provide content for the website.


If you adapt our material for your organization or personal use, please acknowledge as the source. Please add a citation to your document or web page, including the URL, date accessed, and suggests the following citations:

EXAMPLE 1: Use of text or web page in its entirety
Acquired from [URL] on [date accessed]. We thank

EXAMPLE 2: Use of edited text or web page
Adapted from [URL] on [date accessed]. We thank

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